We only make mono-material lighting.

Paint-free. Plastic-free. Glue-free.

*excluding electronics

  • "Are you an architect, designer or engineer who wants to work sustainably?...

  • Sophie Gollop | MD & Co-Founder

  • ... We're a woman-led UK manufacturer, who are shaking up the lighting industry"

  • ✓ Valued by design professionals

    "Unwavering innovation ...the lighting of the future"

    James Sherman

    AIA, MAarch, LEED AP BD+C


  • ✓ Endorsed by ecology academics

    "The processes & products are a model for wider industry"

    Dr Simon Mair

    Ecology Economist


  • ✓ 5★ rated for REVIT, Photometric reports, Clear prices & customer support

  • Paint-free, Plastic-free, Adhesive-free (excl. electronics) since 2023

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Light calculator

How many fittings are required to light a space? Approximately what will they cost?

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What's this? A simple list of CIBSE recommended lux levels for lighting design of different activities and areas
What's this? Simple lighting colour temperature scale that charts different Kelvin values for CCT
What's this? Simple lighting design diagram to show correct beam angle for table and seating
What's this? Simple lighting design guide with diagram to explain how beam distance is calculated


Factorylux Spotlight


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Pendant Light

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XL Pendant Light

Factorylux XL Pendant Light

Reflekter™ XL

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No greenwash.

The lighting industry has a grim record on sustainability and transparency. We're changing that.

From the chemistry of plastics, paints and adhesives, to the culture of commission payments and middle-men (they're rarely women 😉) we remove the barriers to Circular Economy lighting.

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The Factorylux studio where we make video and remote CPD's to help architects and designers who want to work sustainably

How we keep the price low

No sales reps. No agents. No commission payments.

All Factorylux lighting is designed & assembled in Yorkshire, at our own factory. We charge a fair rate for components, labour and our intellectual property, but not more.

Our modern, digital-first workflow delivers cost savings for your project.

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Factorylux Track-Pipe and Ninety-Nine spotlight sample pack, presented in recycled cardboard packaging

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