A new kind of architectural lighting.

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No plastic, paint or adhesive
The first lighting closed-loop ♻️
Easy to specify

Factorylux lighting is for architects, designers and building engineers who are open to a new way of working.

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"Unwavering innovation

... the lighting of the future"

- James Sherman, Foster + Partners

Factorylux assembly technicians at a woman-led UK architectural lighting factory

No greenwash.

The lighting industry has a grim record on sustainability and transparency. We're changing that.

From the chemistry of plastics, paints and adhesives, to the culture of commission payments and middle-men (they're rarely women 😉) we remove the barriers to Circular Economy lighting.

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production line inside a UK circular economy architectural lighting factory with lenses heatsinks and spotlight louvres

How we keep the price low

No sales reps. No agents. No exclusive distributors. No golf trips.

All Factorylux lighting is designed & assembled in Yorkshire, at our own factory. We charge a fair rate for components, labour and our intellectual property, but not more.

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Free samples of black and stone-rumbled circular economy architectural spotlights with recycled cardboard packaging

Easy to specify.

Simple, versatile lights

High-quality BIM Revit .ies .ldt

Transparent pricing & discounts

Fast, free samples

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"If we can change our approach

... we can change the world"

Sophie Gollop | Factorylux MD

Sustainable lighting. Sensible prices. Send the form & get started today 😊.

Learn about our closed-loop methodology

New ways to help you reduce the impact of your architecture projects...

Buro Happold architects, designers and engineers at a circular economy CPD workshop inside a UK lighting factory

Research Studies ⸻

Closed-loop Circular Economy workshops for academics & design professionals.

Thank you everyone who visited the factory to complete a CPD. This years content is broadly the same, but delivered via a new online format - we're on a mission to grow our audience 📈.

Selected postgraduate (MSc / PhD) research work still benefit from Factory-based desks and travel expenses.

Our current focus is EPD as a foundation for conformity to LEED, WELL, BREEAM, SKA and building codes of the future.

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