'Of all the stones hurtling through space, Planet Earth is the only one known to support life. From photosynthesis to human brain function, without light, everything is nothing. Light is what we do, the planet is why we do it the way we do.'

- Factorylux

What this nice poetry means in real life is that we address catastrophic unsustainability in the lighting industry, by designing, making and promoting a new kind of architectural lighting.

The most important consequence of our work is that if you're an architect, designer or building engineer who's ready to specify seriously sustainable lighting, you can.

Along the way, we also figured out how to make the lights more cost-effective, the Revit and photometric data easier and other useful things like that.

Sustainable retail facade lighting by Factorylux at the turbine hall Apple Store at Battersea Power Station
Big or small: We exist to support the growing number of designers & engineers who want a closed-loop approach to manufacturing. 


Phase 1 - Complete ✔️

The first part of our mission was to prove it’s possible to phase out plastics, paints, powder coatings, adhesives and composites from the bodies and packaging of all light fittings and lighting track (basically everything except the electronics - which is our next milestone 👇). Thus is the first ever lighting closed-loop, benefits include:
  1. Human / environment health gains throughout the product lifecycle by removing VOC's, microplastics, and other toxic materials.

  2. Closed-loop reuse. Lights and lighting track can (and should) be returned to our factory, for disassembly and reprocessing into 'new' components

The methodology we developed to make this possible (including patent GB2107349.9) is low-energy, zero-pollution and absolutely commercially viable versus the cost of making new components.

  • Stone-Rumbled™
  • Make-Unmake™
  • Magic-Packaging™
  • Magic-Paint™

  • Even if product is not returned to us, it's set up for the best possible local recycling outcome, wherever you are in the world.


    Phase 2 - In process❗️

    It's time to fix the electronics (LED, drivers, connections, etc)

    • Define unit failures at PCB level
    • Improve field-repairability
    • Remove plastics, paints, powder coatings, adhesives, composites
    We don't make the electronics ourselves (only a tiny number of the very biggest manufacturers do) but within our products, they're the largest, highest value ingredient with the dirtiest footprint. Even the premium-brand electronics we use fail occasionally.

    This is a bigger, more complex and consequential piece of work than phase 1. We couldn't have done it first or we simply wouldn't be here today - we would not have been taken seriously and our pockets were not deep enough to cover the commercial cost of that.

    We’re older and wiser now, we make fewer missteps than those early days and the revenue we generated en route is a very important part of our story. Even smaller production set-ups like ours are costly and we couldn't have done that without the support of lighting specifiers everywhere. Thank you.

    So that's the mission. It's definitely inclusive and if you like the sound of what we're doing, we hope you'll choose to get involved any way you can.

    From giving us a like on social media to trusting us with your architectural lighting projects, we're here to connect with people who share our strong desire to build a sustainable lighting industry.

    Thank you,

    Sophie, Stan and all of Team Factorylux.


    Humble beginnings: Managing Director Sophie Gollop in early 2000's. Factorylux started out in a London flat, disassembling and reworking redundant industrial light fittings to give them a second-life.



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