Track is wack. Go Sustainable. Go Track-Pipe® 💪

Our most revolutionary product. Stainless steel Track-Pipe® does the same job as regular lighting track, but without the plastics, paint and adhesives.

It's also simpler to specify, faster to install, stronger, longer and the cables are PVC-FREE🤘. Best of all, we can remake it again & again. Designed & assembled in Yorkshire.


Track-Pipe® is made from premium 304 stainless steel tube.

It's strong, rigid and means just one suspension is required per 3000mm. That's 50% fewer compared to regular track 🤯.

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Minimalist, plastic-free architectural spotlights using sustainable steel pipe suspended on thin stainless steel wires for circular economy

Easily adjustable lighting.

Track-Pipe® is supplied in straight runs of 1m to 10m length. Unlike regular track there's no on-site measuring, cutting and waste.

Each run is suspended on simple, adjustable 2mm diameter stainless steel wires.

It's easy to add, reposition and plug in your lights along the tube.

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ecologically friendly architectural track lighting system for circular economy with miniature plug and socket connectors

Making the connection.

The miniature 'plug + play' connectors are beautifully designed and easy to use.

They set the standard for reliable power / data transfer and are used across medical, robotics & transport (and the international space station 🛰 !).

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Exposed, open restaurant ceiling with visible HVAC, tubes, pipes cable trays and spotlights on a sustainable alternative to track

Future proof.

Track-Pipe® is easy to repair, adapt, upgrade and disassemble using regular hand tools. Changing the layout is simple.

There's no paint or powder coat (just a lightly sanded texture) which means our factory can reprocess 'used' Track-Pipe® into 'new' components again & again with minimal energy and zero pollution - that's closed-loop ♻️.

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eco-friendly art gallery spotlight and tubular track system, lighting up paintings on the wall in frames and a meeting table

How is it so affordable?

Although Track-Pipe® is made from premium materials it costs the same as regular track 🤯.

Almost 40% of the ticket price is materials - you can feel the difference 🥳 (we estimate it's ±6% for regular track).

We use DFMA principles (design for manufacturing & assembly) plus we supply directly from our factory to your project.

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Low-impact barn conversion with natural timber interior design, sofa and architectural lighting with spotlights on pipe and tube

Different projects, different benefits...

From global corporations like Google and Spotify to tiny food startup's like Atis, Track-Pipe® is for projects and clients who are conscious of environmental issues or just want to design a new kind of space.


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