We endeavour to design products that will last as long as possible but unfortunately nothing lasts forever. Our products are reasonably simple so there are not a whole lot of things that can go wrong if you treat them well and follow the straightforward instructions provided. 

There are 2 main things that can go wrong and they are the high-value, high-technology parts, namely the driver and the LED source. We have opted to use the best, most reliable versions of each that we can find on the market. For drivers we use EldoLED, known for their versatility, efficiency and reliability. For LED sources we use Xicato, known for their light quality and colour consistency guarantee.

As it stands thats the best we can do to prevent failures, but although these are the best components available to us, a small percentage do still fail. And as it stands the only option is to replace them. LEDs are extremely complex to manufacture and there are very few companies that have mastered it so its unlikely we will be able to address that. Drivers, we hope to be able to repair in the near future (see mission) but we are not there yet.

So here’s what we offer:

  • 3 Year warranty on drivers and LED sources
  • 5 Year warranty on all standard Factorylux parts (excludes bespoke components)

Here’s how it works:

All our products are 100% tested prior to shipping so if there is an issue during installation theres a good chance something is just not installed correctly. In that case get in touch with us for some troubleshooting advice. If it is an issue that arises later then see below.

Option 1: 99% of faults are a result of an issue with the driver or the LED. You can easily diagnose which it is by swapping the driver from a working light over to the faulty one. If it lights up then you have a driver fault, if it doesn't then it is most likely you have an LED fault. Next step is to order the relevant replacement part from our online store and swap it out. Send us back the faulty part, we will test it and if its confirmed to be faulty we will refund the replacement part and also the cost of the shipping (keep the receipt) if this falls within the warranty terms and period outlined above.

Option 2: If you prefer you can just send us back the whole light (including the driver), being sure to package it carefully to avoid any damage. We will test it. If there is found to be a fault covered by the warranty then we will repair or replace the product and return to you, and again refund the cost of getting it to us (keep the receipt) if this falls within the warranty terms and period outlined above.

Whether you choose option 1 or 2 please download and complete the RMA form found at the bottom of this page and email to hello@factorylux.com. You can also add a copy in the box if you wish.

Some products can be a little more complicated to diagnose remotely using the steps above so for the following products please submit the RMA form with all the information you can provide and we will get in touch with some other troubleshooting steps:

  • Track-Pipe® and associated luminaires
  • Bespoke products
  • Legacy products that fall outside the warranty period


    Download the form below and email to hello@factorylux.com along with any relevant images that help to explain the issue.