Saving is behaving.

Now available as a pendant or Spotlight. Skin+Bones™ is for low-budget projects that require professional photometrics and are serious about sustainability.

Structural Expressionist.

Skin+Bones is DFMA (design for manufacturing assembly) in the purest form.

A high-tech light at a very low price point - a 1000m² space can be professionally lit for under £12k 😳

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Low. Lower. Lowest.

Skin+Bones™ is a useful 'fall back' for cost-engineered projects - change the hardware, not the light calcs.

Despite the low price, the LED is high-efficacy with DALI dimming (EldoLED), beam angle / Kelvin options and glare control accessories.

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Punch bags hanging in a contemporary gym interior with raw concrete walls, HVAC and a mirror wall

Live Forever.

Skin+Bones couldn't be easier to adapt and upgrade.

Lenses, accessories, LED and electronics are simple to remove with hand tools, as per our Circular Economy fundamentals.

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Office co-workers at desks in a industrial chic workspace interior with raw steel mesh, timber beams and open ceilings

Different projects, different benefits...

From huge community venues to small family homes, versatile Skin+Bones® somehow manages to be an alternative to high bays AND decorative lighting 🤔.

It's for creative clients who are conscious of issues surrounding plastics, VOCs, waste and reusability or just need professional lighting on a tight budget.

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