Ninety-Nine™ is the classic architectural spotlight, with less pollution & more sustainability.

The form factor, optics & adjustability are familiar, but no dodgy chemistry, paint, powder coat, plastics or adhesives (excl. electronics). PVC-FREE cables🤘. Designed & assembled in Yorkshire to be remade again & again. From £129.

Easy to design and specify

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Paint-free raw aluminium architectural spotlight that's non-polluting and ecologically sound with natural matte texture

Pure, raw aluminium. Natural texture.

Stone Rumbled™ is a simple, durable and non-toxic alternative to paint and powder coat, which are major sources of air, land and seaborne microplastics ⚠️

It's 'subtractive' (not additive), looks great and removes VOCs, carcinogens plus other industrial chemistry from your project ☠️

Endlessly repeatable ♻️ - we can stone-rumble 'used' components into 'new' again & again for closed loop Circular Economy. It's a lighting industry first 😊.

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Exposed open ceiling, showing steel cable trays, conduits, ducting, sustainable architectural spotlights and speaker system

Museum-grade photometry

Better for the planet with no compromise on technical performance.

The high-end electronics have proven reliability on projects in Europe, Japan, North America & Middle East.

Ninety-Nine™ is built around a high-efficacy LED with smoothest DALI / Casambi control (EldoLED) and options for beam angle, Kelvins & optical accessories.

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Close up of an environmentally friendly architectural spotlight adjustable lock-off joint, milled from pure natural aluminium

Easy to repair, modify, upgrade

Disassembly is quick and simple using hand tools alone.

We call this 'Make / Unmake' and it's possible because Ninety-Nine™ is built around GB2607027, our patent-pending mechanical fixing.

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Atis natural organic food cafe with raw metal tube and pipe spotlight lighting system in ceiling with Revit and CAD downloads

Different projects, different benefits...

From Bottletop's pop-up couture stores to Minecraft's worldwide corporate HQ. This versatile spotlight works wherever the client / project needs directional light without the dodgy chemistry, plastics and waste of regular spotlights.

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