Price List 2024

We think prices should be clear, transparent and fair. Download the price list below. Discounts are automatic, no need to ask for them, which we know can feel awkward.

Being transparent about the smaller things is the only way to build a foundation for being transparent about the bigger things - like the waste crisis engulfing the lighting industry and what we need to do about it 😬.

Let's get this mess cleaned up - you can start today!

Scroll down for Price List 2024 and discounts👇

Quantity Discount:

Bigger specifications create an economy of scale that we always share with you. No need to ask, the unit prices on our website and quote system automatically graduate according to the price list.

5% Specifier Discount:

Any professional specifier (architect, designer, building engineer, etc) qualifies. You don’t need to ask (or play golf) you just get it. Justifying your fees to clients can be hard, we hope a small saving helps.

6% Buyer Discount:

Most orders are paid for by intermediaries such as electrical wholesalers. It's a credit line that bankrolls the built environment. With high interest rates and inflation we know they need cover. If you can prove that you’re one of these companies, you qualify for this discount.

Get All 3 Discounts:

Discounts are not mutually-exclusive. A single project can benefit from all three discounts.