Price List 2024

We think prices should be clear, transparent and fair.  

Scroll down for downloadable Price List 2024 and discounts👇

Quantity Based Trade Discount:

Bigger specifications create an economy of scale that we always share with you. You don’t need to ask (or play golf) - all professional specifiers qualify equally, regardless if you're an architect in London, an interior designer in Lima or an engineer in Los Angeles 😊.

Unit prices on our website and quote system automatically graduate by up to 30% off the RRP.

6% Buyer Discount:

Many orders we receive are paid for by intermediaries such as 'electrical wholesalers', 'independent distributors' or 'commercial importers'. It's a credit line that bankrolls the built environment. With high interest rates and inflation we know they need cover. If you’re one such company, you automatically qualify for a further 6% discount off the total order value - just let us know if this is you.

Get Both Discounts:

Discounts are not mutually-exclusive. A single project can benefit from both discounts.