USA / North America

We've completed some good-sized projects in USA, including two for Meta at their Hudson Yards campus 

Meta HQ Office Hudsons Yard New York City, containing Factorylux lighting

on the West Side of Manhattan, New York City.

Map showing Meta HQ office at 50 Hudson's Yard, New York City
The cultural / commercial fit is good, the projects were successful and we developed a deep appreciation for doing business in North America.

We managed compliance / certification via ETL in the UK (ETL owner 'Intertek' is a UK PLC). The process achieved the legal / technical requirements but was sub-optimal and we won't repeat it.
Instead, for social, environmental and commercial reasons we plan to serve future North America projects via local assembly and certification - either through a local joint venture, or if the project(s) is big enough, via our own wholly-owned USA subsidiary.

We've invested several years finessing all that's required to assemble our products in a small and efficient footprint, the hard work of establishing a parallel production line in North America is already done.

If you have a project or relevant commercial interest in USA or Canada - get in touch, we'll be happy to share the latest update on this developing story - Factorylux is coming to North America and you can be a part of it 🎉.