We've never created a pitch deck, but if you're a genuine investor who's interested in sustainability, we'd enjoy making one. The investment narrative might not exist in deck slides yet, but as investors ourselves, it definitely exists in our heads and our internal conversations.

We're a small, profitable, efficient team who understand how to create IP and execute the plan. We've made missteps, including some big ones, but they're behind us now and in any case they made us stronger.

Specification lighting is a $multi-billion global market that's home to some of the worst examples of inertia and wrong headedness you've ever seen. The more we do this, the more the opportunity seems to grow.

We retained 100% equity and although we don't 'need' cash, now we have grown our wings, found the runway and achieved take-off - getting to cruising altitude would go faster if we had access to more of it. 

Get in touch if you believe a good return, while making the world a demonstrably better place, is an attractive proposition.