Faster installation, lower running costs

The LED gets closer to the subject compared to traditional linear lighting or spotlights - less product and fewer lumens are required to achieve the same lux level.

Available in 'L' ⌀360mm and 'XL' ⌀500mm. Reflekter™ delivers bigger light output (4750 lumens) and better Circular Economy 💪.

Next-gen surface finish

Stone-Rumbled™ is our Circular Economy alternative to paint and powder coat. It removes VOCs, microplastics and other junk chemistry from your project.

It's a subtractive (not additive) finish and a natural aesthetic fit for brick, concrete, timber and exposed building services.

The shade itself is a robust piece that's designed to be Stone-Rumbled™ again & again - that's our 'closed loop' methodology.

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Head Hunter

Great workspaces attract great talent - Spotify, Autodesk and Google all use Reflekter™ as office lighting 😊.

Optional UGR (Unified Glare Ratio) filters add even more power to your BREEAM, WELL, LEED and SKA toolkit.

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Sustainable, raw aluminium technical pendant light with an adjustable steel wire

How is it so affordable?

As little as 5% of the ticket price for architectural lighting can reflect what it's made of.

Our business model is different. We offset the cost of premium materials & engineering against DFMA (design for manufacturing assembly) efficiencies and our 'digital first' route-to-market.

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Future proof.

Reflekter™ is easy to repair, adapt, upgrade and disassemble using hand tools alone.

The mechanical aspects will live forever, the electronic LED and driver unfortunately will not and are designed to be user replaceable with less hassle and lower costs.

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Computer generated image visualisation of an exploded view of a circular economy architectural pendant light

Professional specification lighting

High-efficacy LED
DALI, 1-10V or Casambi control
Beam angle options
Kelvin options
Glare control options

An adjustable (stainless steel) wire suspension kit & premium driver are included as standard.

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Specialist matt black pendant lights, hanging over and  illuminating the playing surface of an American maple shuffle board

Different projects, different benefits...

From Google and Boden's corporate HQ's to health, wellbeing and fitness startups like Blok and BXR. Versatile Reflekter™ is your alternative to boring linear office lighting or decorative pendants. Perfect for projects / clients looking to reduce plastics, VOCs and waste.

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