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Light Calculation

Light Calculation

FROM: £15
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Technical Specification

  • On-site equipment: Viso Basespion Goniometer


We can supply the lighting calculations you need using Dialux software.

It's a paid-for professional service that's focused on speedy results and sensible prices. If a project does subsequently go ahead, fees can be credited back to your Factorylux® account to be redeemed against future Dialux work.

It's is not lighting design or lighting advice (you can get that here) so choose this option if your design concept is clear and you only require accurate calculations to support it.

All Dialux work is charged in blocks of £15 (+VAT). For context, £15 would cover Dialux calcs for a single light in a standard space. More complex tasks require more blocks.

Send us your your sketch, CAD drawing or a written description of your project - we'll quote for doing the calcs. Quotes are guaranteed so there's never any surprises.

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Every light is designed and assembled in Yorkshire.

Our team delivers science based Circular Economy at sensible prices that your project can afford.

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