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Cradle to Cradle Book

Cradle to Cradle Book

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Technical Specification

  • Authors: Michael Braungart & William McDonagh
  • Pages: 193
  • ISBN: 0-86547-587-3
  • Dewey Decimal: 745.2 (Alameda County Library)


This book changed our lives and the fate of our company, perhaps it can change yours too?

Cradle To Cradle is a journey into science-based Circular Economy. We collect and make these pre-loved copies available at a low-price because they explain what we do and why we do it better than we can ourselves.

An accessible writing style and short enough to read in a day. Unpick the interdependencies between natural and human-made. Learn to trust measurable reality, not million-dollar marketing and PR teams. Understand how manufacturers / specifiers are complicit in planet-scale environmental consequences and how it can all be avoided.

“If you want to go to Mexico, and you’re driving toward Canada, even if you slow down you’re still going to Canada”

- William (co-author of Cradle to Cradle)

Cradle to Cradle helped us become the first lighting manufacturer to remove all plastics, powder coat and adhesives from the bodies of our products (Make-Unmake, Stone Rumbled, Magic-Paint, Magic Packaging)

What could it do for you?

Return the book to us (or evidence you passed it to a second reader) and we will refund 50% of the purchase price and ensure your copy enjoys yet another life.
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Our team delivers science based Circular Economy at sensible prices that your project can afford.

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