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Make-It-A-Sample™ | Add to any standard product

Make-It-A-Sample™ | Add to any standard product

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Technical Specification

  • Eldoled 50W driver with 1-10V dimming (dimmer not included)
  • 3 core cable and plug wired to driver
  • Luminaire adapted to include extended cable, wired to driver


If you need to do a light test with one of our products, Make-It-A-Sample™ is for you.

Add one to your order for any light at and the light will arrive with a 2 metre long cable and a Euro or UK mains plug attached - ready for use in your own studio, on-site or at your clients place.

Delivery is listed at 6-8 weeks, the worst case scenario (if our factory or supply chain are at capacity) normally it's less. Place your order and we'll advise the exact lead time.

If you only require the "look and feel" of our products, our eco-friendly product samples are free with free next-day delivery. They don't contain any electronics - you'll need to use the digital downloads (Revit, .ies, .ldt, etc) for light output / distribution.
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Every light is designed and assembled in Yorkshire.

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