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Reflekter™ XL | Custom Finish | Disc Monopoint | 3500K

Reflekter™ XL | Custom Finish | Disc Monopoint | 3500K

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Technical Specification

  • Supply Voltage: 100-250 V~AC 
  • Primary Material: Aluminium 
  • Finish: Custom Finish Magic-Paint™
  • Weight: 4kg 
  • Mounting: Small Monopoint | Large Monopoint | Track Adapter | Disc Monopoint 
  • IP Rating: IP20 
  • CRI: >90 
  • Luminous Flux: 4050lm 2700K | 4300lm 3000K | 4600lm 3500K | 4750lm 4000K 
  • Luminaire Efficacy: Up to 96.9 lm/W at Max output (greater efficacy at lower outputs) 
  • Current (mA max.): 1050mA 
  • Power Consumption (max. typ.): 41.4 W 
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K | 3000K | 3500K | 4000K  
  • Colour Consistency: ≤ 1x2 MccAdams Ellipses 
  • Colour Stability: <0.003 ∆ u',v' 50,000 hrs 
  • Lumen Maintenance: 50,000 hrs L70/B0/F0 
  • Optics / Beam Angles: 21°, 38°, 59°, UGR 
  • Accessories: Honeycomb Louvre | Concentric Louvre 
  • Operating Temp: Ambient -20°C/+25°C 
  • Control: Switched/1-10V, DALI, Casambi 
  • Standard/Certification: CE | UKCA [BS EN 60598] | USA/Canada: Manufactured in line with UL1598 
  • Manufacture: UK


This architectural pendant light delivers up to 4750lm and the potential for 'closed loop' Circular Economy. A 360mm 'L' version is also available. Choose from different luminaire optics and accessories, including UGR (Unified Glare Ratio) filters. 

Spotify, Autodesk and Google all use Reflekter™ as office lighting, by getting the LED closer to the subject, less product and fewer lumens are required to achieve the same lux level - installations can be faster and running costs lower compared to traditional linear lighting. 

Disc-Monopoint is our smallest, most low-profile luminaire mounting. A completely flat, 65mm diameter x 2mm thick circular plate with standard BESA (50.8mm) hole spacings. Fix to conduit box, pattress or surface mount to cable tray, timber, cladding or other suitable material.

'Custom Finish' is our Magic-Paint™ solution for projects that require any finish other than black or Stone-Rumbled™, choose a colour match from 250+ RAL codes. Regular paint and powder coatings create seriously harmful pollution and are a major source (some studies say most) of microplastics in the environment. Magic-Paint™ is made from natural materials such as clay and does not contain any plastics, Isocyanates, VOCs or EPA-listed toxic organics. 

Life Cycle Assessment: this luminaire is specially designed for high-efficacy, low pollution, long service-life and 'closed-loop' re-use. Achieve your sustainable development goals and support environmental / well-being assessments such as BREEAM, LEED, WELL, SKA.


  • 100% free-from regular paint, plastic & adhesives 
  • No microplastic pollution
  • No Isocyanates or VOC (volatile organic compound) off-gassing
  • Repair, upgrade or disassemble with standard tools


  • High-efficacy, replaceable LED
  • Long-life, replaceable driver
  • PVC-free cables

Closed Loop Circular Economy:

  • Make-Unmake™: our factory can disassemble 'used' Black Pendant light and Disc mounting to re-use body components for our 'worn' lighting
  • Magic-Packaging™: 100% paper - every product, every project (even the pallets and strapping) definitely no plastics
  • 100% Designed & assembled in Yorkshire
  • Component origins include UK, EU, Mexico, Taiwan, China & Phillipines
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Every Reflekter™ pendant light is designed and assembled in Yorkshire.

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