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Reflekter™ L & XL | Free sample kit

Reflekter™ L & XL | Free sample kit


Reflekter™ is our best-selling pendant light, updated for science-based Circular Economy. Our next-day free sample is an easy way for you / your client to be certain it's the right choice for your project.

Sample kit is optimised for sustainability: contains two full-size (recycled cardboard) models and one miniature (aluminium) scale model. Developed because L and XL are large pieces, costly to make, ship, return and awkward to carry - this kit beautifully bypasses all that with a very small footprint.

Sample contains no plastics, adhesives, paint, powder coat, VOCs or composites. Presentation box is compact, 100% recycled cardboard. Easy to store, return or recycle the 100% aluminium body / 100% paper packaging via standard recycling channels.

No electronics - download the Revit / .ies / .ltd files to understand photometric performance. Visit Reflekter™ page for your specific file requirements.

What's included:

  • Reflekter L 1:6 scale model (100% Stone-Rumbled™ aluminium)
  • Reflekter L 1:1 scale model (100% recycled cardboard)
  • Reflekter XL 1:1 scale model (100% recycled cardboard)
  • Laser etched QR code for technical info
  • User instructions
  • Presentation box

What it's good for:

  • Understanding the physical geometry, surface colour, finish, texture
  • Hanging-up in situ
  • 'Commercial Sample' engraved on body, no import tax / duty issues if outside the UK

Technical Specification

  • Weight (Product): 0.27kg
  • Weight (Shipping): 0.50kg
  • Dimensions (Product): 320z270x55mm
  • Dimensions(Shipping): 340x280x85mm
  • Materials: Cardboard/aluminium
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Every Reflekter™ pendant light is designed and assembled in Yorkshire.

Our team deliver science-based Circular Economy at sensible prices your project can afford.

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