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T-Shirt | 100% Organic Cotton

T-Shirt | 100% Organic Cotton

FROM: £15


Our soft 100% organic cotton T's are available in every size under the sun :-)

You might be wondering what a champion-of-sustainability like us is doing in a merchandising place like this? well...

Firstly, we only offer necessary, functional products that are lightweight, efficient to post and second-user or made from 100% single natural or 100% single recycled materials.

Secondly, our mission is to bring our science-based Circular Economy methodology to the rest of the product (drivers, LEDs, electrical cabling). Maintaining growth is part of making it happen. Every bag, hat and T gets Factorylux® on the radar of architects - powering the next phase of our Circular Economy revolution.

Outperforming corporate manufacturers on sustainability isn't enough, we have to out perform on marketing as well. Wear the T, spread the word 📢 💥

Technical Specification

  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Colours: Black | Pink | Grey
  • Sizes: XS-6XL
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Every light is designed and assembled in Yorkshire.

Our team delivers science based Circular Economy at sensible prices that your project can afford.

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