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Ninety-Nine™ | Stone-Rumbled™ | Large Monopoint

Ninety-Nine™ | Stone-Rumbled™ | Large Monopoint


This professional architectural spotlight is designed for Circular Economy. Fully directional with rotation through 400° and lockable tilt, it can be specified with different luminaire optics and accessories.

'Large Monopoint' is a 160mm diameter X 75mm deep circular spotlight mounting / enclosure that's big enough to house the driver and all electrical connections. The monopoint body attaches to a separate, surface mounted bracket via M4 bolts located on opposite sides. The bracket itself has standard BESA (50.8mm) hole spacings for fixing to walls, ceilings, cable tray or other suitable surfaces / materials.

'Stone-Rumbled™' is our low-energy, no-pollution, endlessly repeatable surface finish for raw aluminium. It creates a natural, consistent texture and is your healthiest alternative to regular paint or powder coatings.

Life Cycle Assessment: this luminaire is specially designed for high-efficacy, low pollution, long service-life and 'closed-loop' re-use. Achieve your sustainable development goals and support environmental / well-being assessments such as BREEAM, LEED, WELL, SKA.


  • 100% free-from paint, plastic & adhesives 
  • No microplastic pollution
  • No Isocyanates or VOC (volatile organic compound) off-gassing
  • Repair, upgrade or disassemble with standard tools


  • High-efficacy, replaceable LED
  • Long-life, replaceable driver
  • PVC-free cables

Closed Loop Circular Economy:

  • Make-Unmake ™: our factory can disassemble 'used' Stone-Rumbled body components and 're-rumble' back to 'new' again (and again)
  • Magic-Packaging ™: 100% paper - every product, every project (even the pallets and strapping) definitely no plastics
  • 100% Designed & assembled in Yorkshire
  • Component origins include UK, EU, Mexico, Taiwan, China & Phillipines

    Technical Specification

    • Supply Voltage: 100-250 V~AC
    • Primary Material: Aluminium
    • Finish: Stone-Rumbled™
    • Weight: 0.7kg
    • Mounting: Small Monopoint | Large Monopoint | Track Adapter | Disc Monopoint
    • IP Rating: IP20
    • CRI: >90
    • Luminous Flux: 2000lm 2700K | 2120lm 3000K | 2270lm 3500K | 2340lm 4000K
    • Luminaire Efficacy: Up to 110 lm/W at Max output (greater efficacy at lower outputs)
    • Current (mA max.): 425mA
    • Power Consumption (max. typ.): 16.0 W
    • Colour Temperature: 2700K | 3000K | 3500K | 4000K
    • Colour Consistency: ≤ 1x2 MccAdams Ellipses
    • Colour Stability: <0.003 ∆ u',v' 50,000 hrs
    • Lumen Maintenance: 50,000 hrs L70/B0/F0
    • Optics / Beam Angles: 21°, 38°, 59°, Spreader, Wall Wash
    • Accessories: Honeycomb Louvre
    • Operating Temp: Ambient -20°C/+25°C
    • Control: Switched/1-10V, DALI, Casambi
    • Standard/Certification: CE | UKCA [BS EN 60598] | USA/Canada: Manufactured in line with UL1598
    • Manufacture: UK
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    Every Ninety-Nine™ spotlight light is designed and assembled in Yorkshire.

    Our team deliver science-based Circular Economy at sensible prices your project can afford.

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